Lake Nottely Recreation BBQ

Lake Nottely: Your North Georgia Water Adventure Playground

If you're looking for a breathtaking escape into the North Georgia mountains, Lake Nottely is an absolute gem. This gorgeous reservoir offers stunning scenery, fantastic outdoor recreation, and a relaxed atmosphere perfect for unwinding or enjoying an adrenaline-filled getaway.

Pristine Waters and Endless Fun

Nestled within the Chattahoochee National Forest, Lake Nottely boasts over 100 miles of shoreline and 4,180 acres of clear, inviting water. Whether you're into boating, swimming, watersports, fishing, or simply soaking up those tranquil lake vibes, Lake Nottely promises a delightful experience.

Boat and Watercraft Rentals

Ready to hit the water in style? Lake Nottely provides several places to find the perfect vessel for your adventures:

  • Marinas: Two well-equipped marinas dot the lake's shores – Nottely Marina and Nottely Boat Club & Marina. Choose from pontoon boats, ski boats, fishing boats, and even houseboats if you plan to stay on the lake overnight.

  • Watersport Rentals: Get your thrills with jet ski, kayak, and paddleboard rentals. These are perfect for exploring coves and enjoying a fun workout while taking in the spectacular views.

Picnics with a View

When it's time to refuel after all the lake excitement, pack a delicious picnic to enjoy by the water's edge or on your boat. You have a few options:

  • Poteete Creek Park: This county-maintained park offers a sandy beach, picnic areas, and even a campground for those long weekend adventures.

  • Shoreside Stops: If you're exploring by boat, there are numerous inviting spots along the shoreline to anchor and enjoy a scenic lunch break.

  • Smokeout BBQ (Blairsville): Want an unforgettable boat picnic? Swing by Smokeout BBQ in nearby Blairsville. Their mouthwatering BBQ, sandwiches, and delicious sides are perfect for a hearty and satisfying meal on the water. Trust me, the flavors will be even better enjoyed with those incredible lake views!

Fishing on Lake Nottely

Anglers will find Lake Nottely a rewarding fishing destination. The reservoir is home to a variety of species including:

  • Striped Bass

  • Largemouth Bass

  • Spotted Bass

  • Walleye

  • Crappie

  • Bream

Remember to pick up your Georgia fishing license beforehand, and be sure to check local regulations for catch size and seasons.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Sometimes, the best lake adventures involve kicking back and simply enjoying the peace and beauty of your surroundings. Lake Nottely delivers. Find a quiet cove, stretch out on the deck of your boat, and let the gentle lapping of the water and the call of birds be your soundtrack for a well-deserved dose of relaxation.

Additional Recreation

Lake Nottely and the surrounding area offer plenty of ways to stay active and engaged beyond boating and fishing:

  • Hiking: Check out the picturesque trails near the lake, such as the Nottely Dam Reservoir Trail.

  • Camping: Extend your lake escape with a night under the stars at Poteete Creek Campground or other campsites in the region.

  • Small-town Charm: The town of Blairsville offers delightful shops and a warm, welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

Tips for Your Lake Nottely Visit

  • Weekday Advantage: For a less crowded experience, plan your outing for a weekday if possible.

  • Boat Safety: Always practice safety on the water. Wear life jackets, be mindful of other boaters, and avoid alcohol while operating a vessel.

  • Leave No Trace: Help keep Lake Nottely beautiful. Pack out any trash and be respectful of the natural environment.

Lake Nottely is a fantastic getaway for families, couples, solo adventurers, and anyone seeking the restorative power of nature and a whole lot of fun. Start planning your North Georgia escape and see what makes this lake so special!